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Tap a button, get a truck

Choose your truck and set your location. You'll see your driver's picture and truck details, and can track their arrival on the map.

Choose how to pay

When you arrive at your destination, your card is automatically charged from your account. With Peekit, the choice is yours.

You rate, we listen

Rate your driver and provide anonymous feedback about your trip. Your input helps us make every ride a 5-star experience.

There's a truck for every price


And any occasion

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Tell us a little about yourself and your truck. Truck requirements vary by region, so we'll show you what's needed for your city.

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Trip fares start with a base amount, then increase with time and distance. And when demand is higher than normal, drivers make more.

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Just tap and go. You'll get turn by turn directions, tools to help you make more, and 24/7 support all available right there in the app.

There's a truck for every price

and any occassion

Affordable, everyday rides for up to 4 people

Whether business or pleasure, these trucks help you make an entrance

Trucks that are accessible for wheelchairs or come equipped with a seater

Share the truck-and the cost-with other movers heading your way



Get a fare estimate

From start to finish, a moving solution you can trust


Your safety is important to us before, during, and after every trip. That's why we continue to develop technology that helps make millions of rides safer every day.

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Keep work trips separate

Whether you're headed to the airport, a meeting across town, or home after a late night at the office, Peeit works just as hard as you do.

Share your ride and save

PEEKIT POOL matches you with riders headed in the same direction. It's always the cheapest way to Peeit. And sharing the ride adds only a few minutes to your trip.

Skip the airport shuttle

Request a ride on-demand at over 400 airports across the globe. And with multiple vehicle options, there's plenty of room for all your luggage.

Peekit is in San Francisco

and 632 other cities worldwide